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Potential security issue

Garmin Nuvi200 (pic courtesy of


KJ mods

23 May 2008 08:50:35 AM


KJ mods

My KJ mods are limited due to the fact that the KJ IS my wife's vehicle, and she's happy with it as it is. But, I have managed to get a couple of things done, mostly electronic. If you go to this page, you can see a review of the Sirius Starmate satellite radio in the Monster, an identical piece has been installed in the KJ. Also, since here in W. PA, the first thing firefighters and police officers do upon arrival at an accident is to immediately close 2 miles of a road in both directions, and the fact that sometimes an alternate road is not obvious, a Garmin Nuvi200w GPS unit was installed on the dash of the KJ. 

Here's an issue. The nuts holding the spare tire carrier to the body are easily removed by anyone with a Crescent wrench. This was resolved with an ingenious solution I found on ebay. The nuts are replaced with a unusual type fastener which is impossible to remove without more specialized tools. A bit of Loctite acts as an additional bit of security, here.

As an additional note; the satellite radio was properly installed with a great deal of help from the fine folks at The KJ uses a rather unusual antenna connector, and the Starmate would not properly connect to the head unit without some adapters supplied by Crutchfield. These folks are the best, and I highly recommend them for any electronics!