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The opinions you are about to see are NOT politically correct, have been described by one visitor to the site as "crass", and are certainly not for family viewing.

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Rants and raves warning page

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Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!

Consider this fair warning. Proceeding past his point may or may not result in;

  1. Increased blood pressure, and possible heart attack

  2. Depending on your personality, wanton destruction of whatever computer you are using to view this.

  3. Feelings of anger, despair, or general pissedoffness.

  4. Any combination of the above.

The opinions expressed here are mine, and I am entitled to them. If you agree, great, if not well that's just how it goes in the land of the green bridge, as they say here.

Also, if you are easily offended you should exit this site by clicking the button below.

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