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Family Traditions

Last update; 23 May 2008 08:57:30


    My Jeep obsession was started by my brother Mike. His 1st Jeep was a '69 Kaiser DJ that he did a few mods on, but was limited by finances, (he was like, 17 at the time) and the fact that the aftermarket that we enjoy today was totally non-existent then. But, as with most of my family, we have a way around things like that, called imagination and resourcefulness. We usually find a way to get it done. Anyway, here's a tribute to Mike & his Jeeps, and this infatuation of mine he helped create.

BTW, the photos are all courtesy of Michael Hindle

    Here's Mike's 1969 Kaiser DJ. It was painted Ford Grabber Blue, had 30" tires on the obligatory (for the times) white spoke steel wheels. Mike had fabricated new doors to clear the tires, and installed a AM/FM cassette deck for the tunes. It was powered by an Iron Duke Chevy 2.5L four cylinder, and had a Powerglide trans. I think the day we first rode around with the doors rolled back, I realized how cool this little piece was. The shot at left was taken before Mike had done the wheels, tires and the doors. It wasn't a 4WD, but the DJ never knew the difference. If I'm not mistaken, Mike ended up selling it after he rolled it over. I was sorry to see it go.

    Sometime later, (I don't remember the exact time frame) Mike purchased the coolest Jeep he ever owned, (IMHO) a 1971 Jeepster Commando. His had the optional hardtop w/sliding windows, and was powered by the old odd-fire Buick V6, and was also equipped with A/C. And yes, this was as clean as it looks! Not a thread out of the interior, no rust, just like it was '71 all over again. This vehicle had an interesting story attached to it. My bro was having the vehicle worked on at a local shop. I was hanging out with him, just waiting for the call to come get it. That call came, but with the admonition, "we have a problem" (Never good). When we got to the shop, we found the Jeepster wedged between a hydraulic lift (you remember the old single-post ones?) and the shop wall. I've never seen a man's head explode, but Mike's came close that day!

   Last but not least, after he sold the Jeepster, Mike bought a 1980 CJ7. This one had a 4 cylinder engine, but it was a CJ, so as far as I was (and am) concerned, that was enough. One of the somewhat interesting little details on this piece was the roll bar padding that was basically nylon rope wrapped neatly around the tubes. I always thought that this looked cool, but on further consideration, I wonder how much it would protect your brain bucket if they met with any amount of force. Not much, I figure, but that's OK.

    It was kinda funny, when I first showed Mike Monster Tweety back in 2003, one of the things he said to me was," I'd really like to get another Jeep"


Dude, no better time than the present!


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