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Interior Mods

Last update; 23 May 2008 13:52:14


Interior mods

Most of the mods to the interior of the Monster have been related to the sound system. Being kinda old school, I'm not the sort that is looking to announce my presence on the road by the boom, boom, rattle, rattle, thump thump sound that most of the younger guys (and girls) like. I prefer my music to be what the used to call "audiophile" quality. Not to say that I don't like a little extra volume sometimes, but not that much. Anyway, here's some of the mods I did on the inside of the vehicle, and a preview of some upcoming stuff.

For the last few (like 15) years, Pioneer has been my brand of choice when it comes to sound system. And the Monster is no different. Shortly after getting the Monster, I had installed a DEH-2100 head unit that had been in a previous vehicle. A good piece, but it was old and starting to show signs of needing replacement. This I changed by getting on Crutchfield's website (link @ right) and getting a new head unit (Pioneer DEH-P47DH) and Kicker DS series speakers. The install was pretty much straightforward, aside from some minor adjustments in the head unit's dash mounting. The Kickers bolted directly in the stock locations with no problems. This combo produced one of the better-sounding stereos I've ever owned. The DEH-P47DH has excellent sound mod capabilities, and the Kickers... well they kick ass!

About a year ago, I first subscribed to Sirius Satellite radio and I can say I'm very happy about it. Excellent programming, and the Starmate R receiver is easily installed. Pretty much nothing more than stick it to the windshield, plug it in, tune your FM radio to hear the signal and go! There were some issues that needed my attention later, such as the addition of a direct connection from the receiver to the head unit, instead of using the receiver's built-in transmitter. I did this because I caught some goofball at a red light furiously manually tuning his radio trying to find my receiver's signal.

One of the first mods I did was the install of my Radio Shack HTX-212 2-meter Amateur radio transceiver. I've had this rig for over 10 years, and it's been rock solid. You can see it in the Starmate R pic, it's just below the sat radio.

And finally, a teaser for my next interior mod. Check the last pic on the left for a clue.




Kicker DS series (pics courtesy

Starmate R