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The Jeep wave...simplified

23 May 2008 08:57:41 AM


The Jeep Wave

    Here's a subject that pretty much everyone who has a Jeep knows something about. Or at least I used to think so. One the cool things about owning a Jeep is that many other Jeep owners will wave to you as you go by. Kinda like the Harley folks used to do before the yuppies started buying Hogs. But I notice that the more I go, the less I see the wave. It seems that many people who buy Wranglers these days have NO BLOODY IDEA about the Jeep Wave. And also, there are folks who believe that the is a hierarchy involved in regards to who to give the wave to and when. That's just a little too much to think about, I believe. Check this I mean by the time you've gone over the rankings in your head and decided whether the Jeep in question is worthy, it's probably gone. Well my take on it is; Is it a Wrangler, CJ, MB, or any other variation/reincarnation of the original Jeep? Then Wave! No silliness about mud on it, or dents, or any other requirement. Just wave. Maybe that person didn't buy it to off-road. Just wave. OK, If it's lowered, then don't wave, but in any other circumstance, just wave. You see, the Jeep Wave is to me, is just one of the things that separate Jeep owners from everyone else. And besides, I think that maybe a little bit more civility on the roads would be good for everyone. So just wave. If you know someone who has recently purchased a Jeep, tell them about the wave. and if some one gives you the wave, just wave back!   


BTW, Here's my wave to you!