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Rear exterior mods

Last update; 23 May 2008 08:54:26


Rear exterior area

Some things have been modified back here. As with the front bumper, I removed the end caps, I also added a Hidden Hitch Class III hitch for towing my fishing boat. And since an Amateur radio resides on the dash, a Firestik 2-meter antenna and a stainless steel antenna mount are also back there. A Bestop billet gas cap door resides in the vicinity, too.

The hitch was purchased from Quadratec, and I also bought the inline harness adapter. This allows you to just unplug a connecter in the tub, and plug in a pigtail to run trailer lights. An excellent solution, if not just a bit unwieldy. BTW, the Hidden Hitch had a poor finish that I knew was going to rust shortly, so before installing it, I shot a good coat of Rustoleum on it and after 4 years, it has remained rust free.

The antenna mount is a whole other story. I had initially bought a Rock-it parts antenna mount and installed it. However, it took only a year before the mount was rusted so badly, I could not refinish it. So, I purchased a stainless steel piece from Quadratec and re-did the mount.

The Firestik 2-meter antenna has been a dead reliable piece, and has required little maintenance.

The gas cap door was a piece of cake to install. About 10 minutes with a socket set and a screwdriver was all that was required.


Rear hitch, modified bumper, Firestik antenna

Crappy old antenna mount

Stainless steel mount

Bestop gas cap door