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An opinion on practicality from a Subie driver




    It was kinda funny, ya know? It was a few months after I bought Monster Tweety that one of the neighbors felt the need to comment on my purchase. Now, this particular person generally doesn't have a lot to say, but she's one of the few persons in the neighborhood who doesn't spend most of her time trying to be a jerk to everyone else. I figure this makes her OK in my book. So she says to me, " I really like your Jeep, but it's so impractical." (???) Keep in mind this person drives a Subaru Forester, you know the one they marketed as a Sport Utility Wagon? (pretty much says it all for me.) I remember thinking, "Impractical like the time the Monster got me home during the Hurricane Ivan floods when most folks on the roads were trying to keep from floating away? Like when it snows and everyone else is sitting at home watching the Weather Channel so they can figure out when they can go out again? Like when the snow plow driver tries to put a wall of snow next to the Monster, and I don't have to even break out a shovel to get out? (and I never bother to shovel out parking spaces for the same reason, which kinda jerks off some of the neighbors) Now, I don't have as much cargo room as her Subie, and the Monster certainly doesn't get the gas mileage that hers does. But I believe that practicality is relative.  I'll take go-anywhere, anytime capability over her idea of practicality (whatever that may be) anytime. As a side note, after we got the KJ, she told me that she really liked the Liberty. HMMMM.


You know, I can hardly wait for winter to come.