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23 May 2008 08:51:24 AM


Ten Dollar opinions

The other day, I was out doing some errands and had stopped at the local hardware store. I found a group of local high school hockey players there running a car wash/bake sale to raise money. I sympathize with their plight, since I spent a couple of seasons as an assistant coach with my high school's team, so I know what paying for playing is like. You see, in PA, high school hockey is not a real sport in the opinion of school administrators. So what happens is; as a player you have to pay for your own equipment, ice time, everything. So, even though the Monster didn't really need a wash, and the price was "whatever you think", I gave the lady $10 and stood back. While the Jeep was being washed, I took the normal comments, "nice Jeep!" and so on and so forth. A particularly pleasant woman asked how I liked it, since her daughter wanted one. I of course, encouraged her to get one, with the admonition that she be careful with it since Wranglers, although much improved, can still be a bit unstable in the roll axis. While all of this is happening, I'm keeping an eye on the Monster and the monsters washing her. At was at this point that one of the Yuppie bozos standing nearby came up to me and said, "they're telling me it's not dirty enough". With a friendly smile on my face, I told the opinion-relayer that maybe they'd rather me go out and drive through some mud first and then they can work harder for the $10 I donated for the wash. he really didn't have an answer for that. I'm guessing his was the spotlessly clean Mercedes SUV I saw nearby. Typical. Anyway the point is, that some people no matter how much you care for their cause, and how generous you are to that cause are just stupid, and to quote someone I used to know, 

You can't fix stupid!