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Jap Scrap
    Let me start this rant by saying that I have no problem with persons of Asian descent, but I DO have issues with Japanese manufacturers. Years ago, when I was working for one of the major oil companies managing an oil change for them, I got to work on LOTS of vehicles. And invariably, Japanese cars and trucks were the most difficult to work on. Nissan Maximas with the oil filter less than an inch from the exhaust manifold, Toyotas with parts placed in the most inaccessible spots, and so on and so forth. I base my opinion of vehicles and their manufacturer on the engineering, and how easy they are to work on. And lets be frank here, the Japanese generally have no clue about this. Now I realize that new vehicles have to have a LOT of stuff packed into the smallest, lightest box possible, but some things are just ridiculous! I give them credit, what the Japanese do best is take someone else's idea, and improve on it and then (at least try to) call it their own. But when they try to improve upon an accepted concept, they fall flat on their collective faces. Refer to the 1st generation Suzuki Samurai, an obvious attempt to improve on the classic Jeep, which failed miserably. Also, look at a more successful copy, the Toyota Land Cruiser. (didn't only rip-off the basic layout of a Jeep, then  they kinda ripped off the name of the Land Rover too!) This one, in it's earlier versions (FJ40) was actually a good off roader, but now, it has gone SUV, becoming big, bloated, (see this) and no more capable than my '92 Trans Am! And the much ballyhooed Nissan Armada? When I saw one the other day at a red light, I nearly laughed myself silly when I saw the words "Off Road" on the door. I'm fairly sure the driver of this vehicle was mad at me, judging by the look on his face. Of course, this vehicle is from the same company that thinks that if you gadget-up a pickup, Americans will buy it. (Titan) Now some would argue that the Japanese build quality vehicles, and for the most part, that's true. But that shouldn't be the only factor in determining the make of vehicle one should buy. As I stated above, I prefer American vehicles (Jeeps, especially) since US manufacturers realize that eventually a vehicle needs repaired and one must be physically able to do so.