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Part time 4WD light inoperative

Last edited: 23 May 2008 08:47:14


    KJ Repair- Inoperative part-time 4WD light

Around February 2007, I was driving the KJ home from work. It was an icy morning, so I reached down and put it in 4Hi. A bit farther down the road conditions improved, so being the miserly sorta guy I am, I clicked it back into 2WD. I then noticed that the "part time" light on the dash was still on. So I put it back into 4Hi, and the light went out. Hmm... Since I remembered to purchase an extended warranty on Hi Ho Silver when we bought her, I took her up to Beaver County Jeep to have it taken care of. A $100 and an hour later, she was working properly again. Turns out it was the switch on the NV231 that operates the light had gone bad. Something to think about on the Monster, since they have the same transfer case.

Moral of the story? Extended warranties are good when your vehicle breaks on a day that it's 5 degrees out.