My buddy Guinness, a Jeep dog.

The Thank Younz list;

My wife Crystal, Muse, love of my life, and good human!

Dr. Ron Tuman PhD, the man responsible for my web site addition

My family, who somehow puts up with me.

My classmates @ CCBC nursing.


Robb Hindle's Jeep website

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In memory of my father, Robert N. Hindle

Lost to us, but gained by Heaven on 31 January, 2008

He taught me most of the important lessons of life, but knew to let me learn the rest on my own.

I miss you.




Welcome to Monster Tweety 5.0!

Having been inspired by some other fine Jeep sites, I've decided to redesign the site and do a bit of a clean up of sorts also. I've re-done a bit of the old content to make it a bit easier to navigate, but hopefully also easier to read. And as a part of this program, I've removed about 50% of the more shall we say...non-family-oriented stuff. However; if you click on the angry man in the link bar above, you'll be taken to the Rants and Raves page, which will continue to provide me with an outlet for my dark side. Just be forewarned, it's not all sweetness & light!

What's new?

A article on the install of a Gale Banks Monster exhaust in the TJ mods section


Also, have a look at my Jeep history page. A slightly different turn on Jeep history, this was something that I took upon myself to do some time ago, and I thoroughly enjoyed putting it together.

And now for something completely different....