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Fog Light mod

Last update; 16 May 2008 07:14:12


Fog light mod

One of the things I never got was why the fog lights on a Wrangler are wired to go out when the high beam headlights are on. Too much light? Well, with my eyes, there's no such thing, so anything that sheds more light out the front of the Monster is appreciated. I ran across a website that described how to do the mod, but the directions were hard to follow, and the photography wasn't the best, either. So here's my effort to make things clearer for everyone.

And now, the legal disclaimer.

I (Robb Hindle) take no responsibility for anything that might happen as a result of the following modification. If you choose to attempt this modification, you are solely responsible for any consequences. Also, there is no evidence that this mod is even legal, so depending on where you live, you might be breaking the law by doing this mod. Check your state's laws before attempting this modification.

OK, now that the lawyers are satisfied....

This is an incredibly easy mod. The only variable is what year your Wrangler is. If it is a YJ, or an up to '99 TJ (and some '00 TJ's) open the glove box, and take its lid off. Inside there is a fuse block, and next to it and a little higher, are two relays (photo A). Pull out the one on the right, and bend the pin shown on photo B. Don't worry, these are not easily broken, and it will bend up without much effort. replace the relay back into it's plug, and you're done!

Now, if you have a '01 and up TJ, look under the hood in the relay and fuse block (photo C), and pull out the relay shown and do the same thing to the pin. re-insert, and check your work. The fog light should now stay on even when the high beams are on.



Hopefully, this will clear up any confusion, and let you see a bit better after sunset.




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Photo A

Photo B

Photo C