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Front exterior area mods

Last update; 23 May 2008 08:44:24


Front exterior area

There has been quite a few mods to the front exterior of the Monster. I've removed the "rubber baby buggy bumper" ends, added a Olympic bumper bar on which I've mounted 2 KC Slimlite lights. I've also placed a pair of Omix-Ada tow hooks there. The Oly bumper bar has been a source of some frustration for a while now. It seems that no matter what I do, I have to remove rust from it every spring. Hmph. And for '08, the tow hooks, or more specifically, the spring steel clips on those hooks needs cleaned up. I may just pull them entirely and be done with them.

 Here's a few pics of what I've done on the front



The front bumper




A little closer look. Pic taken before hooks were added.



Also, I've modified the Monster so that I may run the stock fog lights with the high beams on. This takes a bit more space to describe, so click on the pic on the left to get to that page.